It is a starry eyed pulsation actually of distantly dishevelled entertainment. And it is meant to mean whatever suits any such automation of situation. Be it.. secluded or secretive or ANY OLD THING(!) These are the pieces of started art to set mere EAGER heARTS apart. It’s actually all of it an extremely tiresome and frightful affair and Not At ALL fair. She’s been to see him and he’s been to feel fed up at failing to be

“Freed”: this is genuinely all of everything which he has seen: the scenic scene makes less than less sense of itSELF; the closer we fly by the flame of one sun. This son. Has anticipated all of it- has even worked to wire his own monster of mind wide shut again —

It isn’t typical and it certainly is NOT painFREE-however, to give up is to give up at being… so good and so honest and SO VERY deceptively incredible

Be reviled, be whatEVER(!) it does take

To make-/ creation your one sole soldiering of PURRING purPOSE AGAIN