It’s been a helluva hoopla indeed as these playfully ominous both anonymous people
Pry their eyes wide shut Again: pen to parchment paper and They DO in-FACT(!) appear, ahem, rather parched

As they wave their minds away and let this one manageable day
Decide for itself, its own damn dutiful and deliberately on-purpose bearings,

Been rearing to Go; to sit silent and qUiEt and antagonised by the up-all-NiGht MiGht
Of happyfaced… “Frankenstein?!”

“Oh, my: these people of perfectly peculiar pecking-order, what HAVE they done to deSERVE such a HIGHANDMIGHTY(!!) toast in their Sir-Name?”

D at the table of Sane-Faced wannabes, there we will all settle ourselves down to… NOT A SOUND

BUT FOR THE WIND THAT WINDS THEIR HEARTS. ‘Cos they ALL actuALLY are: self-prepared and (again!)… R-E-A-R-I-N-G to Let. It. F—l—o—w

To the centre of their… perfectly preDISPOSED souls, “Oh, but WHO do WE actually love the most

T for
All of
Them actually