It’s in the eye of the adolescent about to be an AdUlt: as his world became utterly stigmatised and petrified, only in the peripheral eyes

Of these quick thinking pEoPle of too many thoughts to ever settle themSELVES… st(ILL) again

Never NOT ever, actually. As we develop DARINGLY our own singular sense of darling happiness

It is easy and they canNOT ever EVEN begin
To sIMPLY see it, not to mention “SEIZE IT for THEMsElVeS!!”

An admittedly frustration that they just WILL-NOT-STOP and cop the f*** on anymore..

Suddenly.. these distant and dutifully abhorrent fingers
Led by the signatures of L these fed-UP, painstakingly self-prioritised individuals
Who duel for the sake of antAGONISING their very own UpSide DowN souls— “some-more?!”

“Why the f… not?”
Single and lonely, if ONLY he were able to have SAVED HIMself again(!!!)

To dig deeper — IS to
E inner beneath wherein, every little nuanced thing
CAN actually mean… …
“something brilliant and signifiCANTly sentiMeNtAl(!)”

These particular people HAVE PUSHED THE ENVELOPE far too F—-a—-r altogetHER.

Yet, here t(HE)y ALL are, digging deeper only til set beneath and SleEpInG,
DEATHLY within the soil of their forever graves

Brave? Not for a split of a MeRe-EaGeR second, ACTually

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