They do take the remainder of this particularly pedestrian evening to don Ultimate gladrags – to tag themselves only Extraordinary – multicoloured Persuasion, her sexy silkened red nylon appears to be damsel-in-distress Sensational, he dare not mention its Flagrantly outspoken nature for Unabashed worth alone – when what does hurt his own eyes can prise open a hundred other of the lonely souls
She’s been all too sizably meaning to place her keen eye out on rent, albeit never, ever quite planned upon being such a Conscientious infidel
To place into question the whole of their rip-worn marriage, all too obvious notes of Disparage courageously dance and course on through it, who knew only everybody but they – the cockroach and the Lavishly dressed pretender
The horse-hungry enemy-in-waiting with a slickened Langmire cigarette heavily perched – about to give birth to James Dean-esque charm, to Kill the peripheral threat, namely he
When the pretender amounts to everything, while the cockroach fell back from her wayside beneath his Crying and Crumbling shell