Those broken-into housing estates of dilapidated re-awareness; of open-ended, wine-instilled conversations which simply swim sheepishly within

These seriously suggestive sources of downright antagonized lethargy.

All of these English people with their destitute and dourly developmental problems particularly attaining to one such Century-Old Wartime crime —- of angst aside undeniable misunderstanding, and undeniably led by spontaneous way of an alternative ego … and famously framed within one such universally estranged case of crying-shamed levels of hazardous anger and angst…

As well as these entirely close-minded cases of frightful over-entitlement this time. As all Goliath’s guns had to have been placed impotently a-b-l-a-z-e

And all a whilst.. in the direction of all of the wrong kinds of misplaced people– indeed, these utterly incorrect, indirect people who somehow, only good-god-lord knows how exactly?!, they got themselves caught, entrapped and audaciously killed in the beginning… …
Amid the bestial audacity of downright outright inhumane cross-fire

And all because of What exactly, though!? No-one knows

But for the unashamed darkness of an artist’s antagonized atrophy. Yes indeed there’s been an artificial knife wedged with-in the deepest recesses of their bleed-happy backs yet again

Seems it’s been holding them at hostage via exciting stages with regards the rear-guarding nature of their weakening personalities.