I found her in an ungodly heap, holding back her very own hair
But her hands were definitely dead
An evil expression must have swarmed on out of her perhaps mid-injection
Capturing her young and adolescent life, leaving an entirely, dreadfully wrong kind of impression altogether
I guess her very last words must have been an atrociously inept slur
The drugs that did it in the end!
Dependent upon an utterly down ‘n’ out boyfriend
I know that much, he the one who fed her this unfathomable death sentence in the first place
I’m fairly sure it must have been a deadly race for more of the same, and now she gets to reap whatever it may have been that this particular pair addictively sowed
I wonder if he thought at all about disposing of her body
You see, it still teeters between relatively cold and lukewarm, still basking
Hang on… I think I hear a key in the door!
Brand new task
Hiding myself behind a rusty old dilapidated chair, I prepare myself to stand up to the real criminals
One devoted father up against the men, women, who take it solely upon themselves to do this to other far more impressionable people time again
I watch him with evil intent as he takes my only daughter’s body way out back, while at the exact same time testing his mutli-tasking ‘skills’ in preparing another such HIV injection
Correction right there, you will never do that EVER again!!
Not if l can get there first!!
Now it is I who hold a crazy thirst within
Hopping up and sprinting as best a crumpled old man can in his every direction
I smash the gold-encrusted lamp that I hold inside of my angry fist on into his frozen face
First there comes a treacle… then he begins to gush a river of surprising blue blood at a resounding, albeit utterly deserving, pace
A lace becomes undone
Then I spit at him before taking it upon myself to run some more, ’til somehow managing to crack my very own head off the corner of his and her front door
So here lies three bodies… no real story
Of guts… so much guts… and no real glory
I can only ever really begin to fathom what the authorities will think?
Seems I was willing to shrink all along