Write it…
Imagine it…
As though this were to become the one single poem which takes you on out of a financial crisis
A poetic slice of oh so grandiose bringings
Winning and far, far more
Abhor none of it, love absolutely everything
All of this whilst watching an Irish cult classic on your strung-out telly
Political upheavel, utter unrest, digesting itself on up inside of your callous belly
The one single poem which sets a thousand hearts – and not just here but so much as overseas perhaps – aflutter
Become completely accustomed to writing just right
Frightfully delicious, up all the night, academic heads even so much as holding their hands right up, admitting to being predisposed
On a most cutting knife-edge
Bring them to the ledge and teetering on the brink, before pulling it right on back
Smother them whole, one jack-the-lad at a sumptuous time
Draw their masculine blood, cut the mustard
Usurp, usurp, usurp!
Seems even the most unexpected, unsuspecting, ones hold deep within them a rather unruly thirst
You. Need. To. Be. Bold.
You. Need. To. Hold. Them. All. Oh. So. Close.
To. Your. Heart
Blur the line between common art and what may forever remain a painstaking must
Here’s your final crust
Use it!