‘The Ember In The Air Somewhere’

1) These peculiar people have fastened their prowess to the strength of their greatest seen-to-be ‘masterpiece’

Each of them an individual entitlement of their own lung-ENLARGED EXCELlence – about to take their moments best bReAtH away… with This purposely panicSTRICKEN AND UTTER aplomb.

2) To break with professional PROtocol IS to bewilder and beSIEGE: the old, and IN with the brand new and ENTIRELY ImProViSeD.

These BALLET dancers who DO shrink AND S-I-N-K to within-a-SCINTILLATED-inch… of their salient selves again

3) Same same people who’ve been deemed to have spent their ENTIRE lives
surreptitiously basking in their very own sacrificial sense of self-prioritised feeling

… … “Yes. That of hard-work AND p-a-i-n-s-t-a-k-i-n-g(!!) both MenTaL AND PhYsIcAl requirement.. named.. unOFFICIAL failure” —- —- “Please!”

5) When this little girl dreams
– of growing UP to be a bewilder PUT upon her own two feet. About to meet her desire right by the middle of magnificent

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