To be fair there’s a design that doesn’t exist but for the sake of acting existential, and then.. we are kindly ceasing today to

Really Release// Our Most Inescapable Dreams— they think at a pace of… paused for now behaviour, whilst their nEARest and dEARest shall l-i-s-t-e-n:: endlessly associated with

Their favourite best brain for unaccompaniedCompanyActually; and yet, these pangs of self- doubt inside of their stomachs seem to have their very own sense of

Balanced EqUilIbrIum/ fACT; it HAS been acting utterly-both-grossly ill-AWARE
As to her necessity for believing, in something suitABLY significant this tImE/

This tryHARD, dust Til dAwn(YAWN!) WannaBE MASTERpiece, “she ISN’T even Evil(!!)”
How(!?)ever it might feel

Have felt
Like this for the sum-total of
A brand-NEWcentUry, plus a few-other-years added-on for Extra-effect
Fact: she been acting faceless Til now and shapeShIftinG WiTh ThE whistle of the Wind in the Breeze-