There are indeed a million and one ways to make it, but you will undoubtedly need to forsake the fun time and time again, on making it you can rest-assure that all of those struggles will start to become rather interesting stories, all about how it was exactly you took it to the very top, able to wipe yourself down, take that increasing frown, turn it absolutely the right way round
An actor, a singer, a dancer, a writer, whichever one you might like to perfect, there is always going to need to be a certain degree of unwavering neglect, certainly when it comes down to turning your attention away from one of the aforementioned and onto another that deserves your utmost respect
Never too easy, all about creating an impressively crazy amount of clout, more than anyone could even begin to imagine, these people have managed to give themselves a true chance, impressively sanctioned their talent, the eye of the tiger