Fabulous, downright delicious
On a wing ‘n’ a prayer, not so much
We did indeed have one such hunch that she would absolutely set alight the whole wide world
Suited, booted up to go… on a whirlwind tour of China
Fine dining, the lot
Aside almost-but-not-quite energetic models – hot to trot
Inside of their eyes, at least
Shhh… an oh so lonesome and entirely different kind of feast
Double the cash that she might make but only half the godforsaken workload
All shook up, uh huh huh!
She the instigator, whilst they get to explode upon that stage all over again
Wage war, why don’t you!
Or so much as strap on a pair of your own Louis Vuitton shoes…
Go on, add yourself to that wanton noose