They said that she needed to rhyme a little less
Express her emotions courtesy of what some might call “real writing”
Be a little more loose, far more sprightly, spontaneous to the last…
If she was seriously going to give this thing a shot then why not give the whole goddamn glorious endeavour one helluva blast
Kitchen sink ‘n’ all
Past and present occurrences building a lavish life for themselves up inside of that page
Rage is okay too, but humour can also go about fixing a few too many jaded, over-active heads
Send them into a slumber like no other, inviting them fruitfully asunder
Put some lead back in that mechanical pen and get to writing
Priorities are important too, seems you do need to remain oh so devoted to your particular font
We can’t quite say this enough
Needless to say then, plenty more resoundingly magic stuff, please
Ease our minds and we’ll do you a deal, we’ll meet you halfway
I have been hearing on the grapevine that people – the ones in suits, the nine-to-fives – are willing to pay, place their lives on-hold for a time
One surefire way to pay the bills, your own personal poems to one side whilst making, creating something of a home for yourself
Etching all over this fine green isle a most memorable name
A desirable flame on everyone’s lips
Know what they’ll say?
That she was far too equipped, stripped away all of the critics, coaxed from them a wry and unsuspecting smile
Remember, there is always and forever going to be just one poet who someone will need to blame