They have breached the surface breathlessly until, ALL inescapable things became.. outright inordinate and ASKING TO BE: outRIGHT(!) and oTheRwOrLdLy “electrified!”

These pair of pared down to a t. and transcendental artists that CAN actuALLy (All of Them!)

Make to CreAte a BrAnd NEw AND h-a-p-p-e-n-i-n-g difference, and “yes.” This sense of diffidence and uniquely Ambidextrous and sTrESSed portrayal IS, in-fact, real…

Riotously So. If we WILL LET OUR eyes iconoclastically consider and COLLECT themselves to reach———- AND F-E-E-L, for something that comes with that Innately PASSION-filled inStAnCe of undeniABLE(!!) thinking

We are q—-u–i—-ck(!!!)-with-it and we ARE These… considerably caring-hearted People, and we definitely are: those bone-dry, bare-naked Creatures of

UpperCLASS(!) t-r-u-s-t: “She must.” She does

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