What if they had not taken it with them, and “what if(!!)” everyone-else shall saunter about the place
Irregardless as to her VERY(!!)~honest~necessity to n-e-e-d:: another way in.

“A mannerly woman that can… take the punches as they R-o-L-l… AND pulsatingly interrupt

——— … her ferocious focus.”
When it became tricky as hella~HEAVEN(..) that’s PRECISELY whenever.. people say the saddest A-N-D most dAfTeSt~of~tHinGs…

“she’s in a whole-LOAD-of-TrOuBle and they will ((((((N-O-T))))))) burst her BEaTbAcK~bubble!!”

When IT’S all about—->> bringing said(?!?!?) house
N to the earth~sHaTtErEd gROUND: “although, just h-o-w(??) m-a-n-y PuLsaTiNg r-o-u-n-d-s should it take for them to fully comprehend

What she had done to achieve::: ultimate comfort in HotwiredNumbers(?)” And IF(… … …) they WERE looking for the defining-definition of a miracle-in-the-MaKinG

— then… “they need look no furtherThan A Masterpiece At HalfMast.” But…… just…

Imagine HER at fullMAST(!!)