They were bewildering themselves for the sake of being.. back to the Crowd Of AlsoRans inevitable about JustOneSillyLITTLEthing: the need AND the EXTREME necessity to f-e-e-l

About as “truthfully brand NEW-now as utterly possible(.)” When they say these particular things it really did seem as if—>> it was all hanging and DaNglEd by a translucent thread.

Oh, the pedestrianised pathways that they have treaded were certainly NOT-what-we-might-ever-start-to-imagine, the.. DAFTly old Newness of latterDay TrAgeDy(..) when it’s all UP in the AIR irreparably UNfixable and

NOless:: “they willCONtinue~on as if—>> it were all this particular and SpellBinding relief of EqUaTiOn, JUSTsentSensational.” And they must not forget..

How many times they take their MarvellousMindsAway.. from that moment and place
—)) of poisonous corePLAY—

When their BATTLE~back bodies started to ballet dance again and for another minute~to~minute chance / at becoming aforesaid and MENTIONED brand new and resolute. “But.. what about the truth?!” Honestly? It’s probably a multilayered thing of perspectivised significance