They tend to utterly understand themselves, to dive, to dig… is to NOT necessarily delve,

with their boisterous imaginations rowed oceanic-ally toward – a cReAtiVe EXPLOSION which WILL breathe and SEETHE(!!) AND beRATE these oddly emaciated individuals

Of antagonised lies and cursory eyes and ALL kinds of

Sworn-IN SenSe of EnVy-laden secrecy. Yet, they DO come back again and ASK FOR

A stifling kind of forgiveness which they did-not EVEN (BEG)in to understand nor completely comprehend:

Hanging onto the only thing that they k(NO)w of!

“Take me back, please! Let me F-E-E-L a piece of EXACTLY(!) what you app(EAR) to f-e-e-l!!”

Thrilled to be here, ACTually: those ordinarily souls of MiXeD-UP eMoTIoN$
And good-god ASKING

For much, MUCH mooooore(than never before)… even if, and when, and how(?) and WHY(!?!) the door has been definitively SHUT-TIGHT with no FULLER sight of


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