I stole all of his beloved things in this world. His wife – a real sexy kitten, his job – MONEY money. And, of course, his persona. Perfect for me. When the ultimate layabout became everything. Did I care about my lack of an earning bone in my body? Hell no! I was looking for a way out and this little gem was it. I could not waste anymore days drinking coffee and pissing in the wind. My mind was ravaged like you see in people who will only ever get better via a miracle. This was my miracle and I’d go to the end to keep it safe. I drop it and I’m fuckered. Fuckered the way someone talks but their words may as well be left unsaid, a waste of their time and a breath that bargains only on cigarettes. There was nasty and then there was me. The unmatched show-pony. True story I’d wear his face for kicks if needs be.