They weren’t mesmerised just these… ahem, insular people of playful Intelligence. “Even when: we set fire to their kind of mind, they should not but… Anticipate the greatest showmanship on earth.”

Where it started, a d=ART(Dostoyevskian ‘n’ all) to the heART:: epically well aware and dAnCiNg, you GUESSED IT AGAIN(!!)… irreversibly Dostoyevskian…
There’s this creative colour of confessing contagiousness within

Their mind’s SIGHT-of-eyeLINE and it can-NOT-but Find: Itself, Ahem… comfortably setUPon saidFire. “Ours was the TRUEST of ((try-hard)) Desires—

And we did+do+it AmidstTheEchoInPain of oneWHOLLYengrossedCENTury(..)” Watch them, though,

mix AND AIM-FULLYmatchthemselvesBacktogetherAgain..

To makeSeNseOf, a-h-e-m, “ThemSelves(!)” and with their eyes and minds wide SHUT… the endless enigma of enemy seems to be

Shit out of LUCK(!!)