If we were NOT dilly dallying then we were most definitely acting – overly curious about all these effingHELL AGILEfaced events happening again –

Within the outsides of their HIGHLY peripheral minds. It’s a set of inconsequential -really- events actually

That sent them to that other place of tactile forgiveness. Surest to say, We’ve been scribbling away—- To our heart’s and mind’s utter contentment and

Asking: “an utter ******* dollop of UnAnswerable questions OF OURSELVES actually, and if they REALLY think there Is Another REALm then they may well have lost-their-WARTIME-minds lightly(!)

Albeit, Likeliest case InPoint, though, would have to’ve been an early-doors admittance of utter

Prestige. These “WOE-is-US!!” Individuals of caught in a loop-cycle of thinking out LOW and LOUD(…) paralysis. “Maybe we DO need to not exactly distance ourselves to suit the Seizing of Scene – and to delve furthermore IN.” And if theirs WAS just one such (unforgettable) story to be red-ribboned and told around about ____

The Rub-of-The-Dub: then that is fine too, “thanks for being about as cordial as can’Ve possibly been with yourselves today.” And us, Too.

When to meet us in the middle DID mean UTTERLY(!!) everything