When their excursions thru-OUT SOMETHING UTTERLY rudimentary BECAME ITS own higgardHAZZARD GAme of “get these children THE HELL outta decimated territory please!!”

We’ve been taking all of the collapsing conSEQUENCES with us and __ steadying already BroKeN_dOwN eGoS again, ergo – “here we go with our fetlocks flowing like a pair of egotistically inanimate objects, plEASE… .” They’ve seen the softest side of the harshest person (un-)AVAILABLE ((to them))… and asked (them) for their

“Flame-retardant hands back anyway.” And famously speaking, she has perhaps most probably, CHANCES ARE.. perCHANCE Peaked To An Unspeakable Extent

Inside her

Own NON-contractual head. They won’t {{WILL NOT}} ask for portraitures of sorry-faced PeOplE anyMORE, altho- “if they REALly cannot help it for THEMSELVES == at getting LISTED-OFF as lost in the forest for All Of The tReEs (..) then we’ll end_UP hesitating waaaaaaaaaY(??) too much cOmmOtiOn WHEN(??) (SO) many people seem to’ve seen —

the scene-of-the-crime enough times “BYE-now” anyway — “to send any childless mind back to strife.” When memorising the helteR_~skelter memories gets blockaded {{{INSIDE OF ITSELF}}} by the

Curiously-both-FURIOUSLY-faltered VerSioN of a markedly REMARKable Bra!N, “she’s insane, actually,” as some may say AND SEE it “YET-AGAIN!!”

As the matter of the factuallY fUcKeD U* stuff really shall HAVE TO STRAIN ITSELF, its brain, to remain