The loudest voice according to Dexter Haysmith’s dElIrIuM —-

They did the things which we all kinda… despised, they rightfully reprised AwkWaRd-faced ways. We’ve riddled them this and THAT.. and

Bathed to SPONTANEOUSLY bask in utter automatic-glory yet again. When we were heaving inside of our OWN OCD heads YET AGAIN that’s when — we stood above all of the opportunities in the whole-snide-world. “Where EVER were we when the

Officially IN-SYNC people went barking-mad ambivalent WITH THEMSELVES?” But soaking our unKNOWN souls in upside-down whisky, please. “She’s walked her way thru- a state of staged delirium – very nearly RE-arisen EARLY-doors enough TO RETOUCH THE surFACE…

and abhor it all like the rat-infested Rest.” Of them-there reprised reprobates

She’s a Tearaway Tear-smith at being wide-awake and acting — “aforesaid above
Everybody else’s
sense of SEND-US-ALL-AWAY WISDOM, please.”

What were we ever-even-doing but for training our idiosyncratic minds for the divided mentioning of lifeless Attention, plEASE, “to

Unmentioned detail.” She is supposed to have played with the likeliest of unKINDLY fire = even very-much-so supposed to’ve rekindled her love for U-T-T-E-R(!!)

“Was it REALLY that rarely-thing of having been UPSTAGE AnD overrated by these pErIpHerAl people who appear OBLIVIOUS (anyway) TO EVERY-THING AND -ONE ELSE who wishes to SINg?” Let’s wait and see for a New York minute… … Shall We

If she really feels outright rarified by aforesaid UNMENTIONABLE ocD. Or if she continues to buck-the-trend ((again)) and END-UP —

“Comfortably cHaoTiC, please.”