To build an inescapable castle inside of their eyes was to dive right in// to take it all away.. one.. sidewinding opinion per persnicketytimeNow(!!)

Oh, “HOW(??)” they canNOT have been the best at being the wOrSt iN tHe WiDeEYEDand Minded World(..)
To take another deep bristle of breath is NOT to show all their cards at all, actually. It isn’t even.. a game of even-Steven anyMORE. Ludicrously thinking about the lack of time it did timidly take..

They only know about… … 1 thing indeed— that the lay of the line NEED-not Have been

“Such a mysteriously DarkAndTwIsTeDThing.” Rumour has it it needNOT have e-v-e-nBeen: Ahem, any THING which wishes to SING

—- at a pace of purelyPrioritisedBliss. Lauded ladies and gentleMEN.. “these ARE the people of terrifically Impenetrable Intelligence.” And we need to tell them just how much we care

About the state of their highly anticipated fate