His memory was shot
Probably a case of ‘Alzheimer’s’
But in many ways he reckoned he had well & truly hit the jackpot
Didn’t have to remember all of the bad marriages
The copious amount of babies left behind in a carriage
A terrible man by all accounts
But it really didn’t matter
On the aforementioned would pitter-patter minus his inclusion
To all & sundry he was a forgone conclusion
Just didn’t care
There he would sit, outside his pub, in a makeshift chair
Taking in the colder than cold Irish Sea air
Atop the smokes
If he wasn’t more careful he might die by choke
“You recall the time we drank ’til the sun came up”
“No I don’t. I never will… I just God damn won’t!”
“You’re a hard as hell man!”
“That’s what they say alright, that I have no such plan”
But they were wrong, he was a one-track minded sonuvabitch
With the times he just ran
If a person from his past gave him a blast with their words
He’d tell them that he couldn’t remember any of the above, for them to stop being so absurd
His mind so tender
On he would plough, here & now
Taking the good with the bad
Of his ‘Alzheimer’s’ he was ever so glad
“You haven’t paid your bill!”
“I can’t recall, is it the one where I ended up down the local, paid for a free bar for all?”
People got sick & tired
He’d lost count of the number of jobs from which he’d been fired
Everyone got disgusted, didn’t know how truthful he was being
Or if it was all a hoax, a bled dry joke
One night he was enjoying a toke when the landlord arrived
“Time’s up, that bill. it’s hit the sky!”
“What bill?”
“The bill you say you can’t recall, but you recall it just fine!”
The landlord took out a nine-iron, gave him the eye & hit him over the head
Reached for a nearby wallet ’til the bill was paid
The man with no memory was dead