Times ten TIME again— they broke their bread and headed for InstantaneoUS iNsaNiTy(a-g-a-i-n..) It’s a trusting process and they just m-u-s-t((all-over-Y-E-T=again!!) cause their dearestSelves

-to ultimately matter)(.)(even if: it isn’t an easyPurSUIT and never can get to have been… “this.. stranglehold thing of

Utterly DisgustingInebriation(!)” Although, “what(?)” happened to them “When(???!)” all of the other perfectly comfortable people

Paralysed their own sense of awareness. It’s a task too far(for US to E-V-E-R Imagine), a task that a-s-k-s…

its own set of standardisedQuestions. And we did it all with our marvellously(??!) disfigured mInDs

Seemingly bleeding at the seams(!!!!!!)
It isn’t over yet

— “what it IS is… … unPARDONably the part of them which makes THEM-act—- utterly uNiQuE and barking-MaD Beautiful.” Just trust in their truest tWiSt oF mInD, please.

Because to Dream: “has never been An Easy tHinG… .”