It’s an utter addiction, to word-use, to causing a certain style and type of story to happen. It’s about getting it all out there with my own sense of rhyme and literature. Yeah. It is fast-paced and definitely hard to grasp for any reader. However… … yeah, I dunno what else to say really. Other than, well, it’s always a damn eye-opening pleasure to go at it time again. You learn a brand new thing with every new person you see in the street. Now, that’s definitely an outrageously active imagination and always on. Always. On. But you hone it, you carefully craft it, and you certainly let it get the better of you, ‘cos when the latter part happens? You may as well have taken some sort of high-octane mind pill for what it feels like. But, again, that you work for too. And by mind pill, I don’t mean for ocd. That’s a whole other pile of mental rubbish that just needs to be burnt 🤷‍♂️ 😊 But, yeah… the mental juggling of that disorder while also trying to think in a straight-line? I actually froze for twenty seconds just thinking about how that feels 😱 survival mode, we’ll call it 😃 I know this is deep but… I might just bet my two testicles on it 😜 that you’d be hard-pressed to find a more mentally agonised existence, but it’s ok. I got this