There is this level of prestige- pretty as it might like to be: like a picture of prioritised PROcrastination which sits and sips and talks AND chats til eventually ALL OF IT
WaLk With-in its very own upright and equally upside down sense of manageable mannerism.

This people pleasing individual has equALLy well documented and div—-ided her triangular time between

Making dividends count for ABSOLUTELY everything! Even if, AND WHEN.. To speak out of thought and OF HER VERY OWN idyllic accord would be to—

beneficially bRe—ak with these bounds of time IS to lavish herself with wine and cordial CONversation… … “someTiMeS.”

And “WHAT(!?) has she actually done to deserve this, to dutiFULLY deserve a prioritised place at the tip of the TOP —

of the manner-MAKING table?!” She has SINGle handedly carried with her… this ageless and ever-enviABLE ability to remain …

UtterlyAble and WondrouslyWilling(!) to be
Beautifully brand NEW as well as:

Matter of BAREfaced fACT(!) an ACTUAL Living, SeEtHiNg, b-r-e-a-t-h-l-e-s-s-l-y BREATHING and bAlAnCeD equ+ili=BRIUM

Of brilliancy AND lItErArY prestige… peripherally speaking.

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