Sizably so – taps his feathered cap, leans on in a little narrower and wholly prepares himself to go toe to technically matched toe – this heavy-lined page waits for no-one but seemingly he
Rapturously awaits your bewildering round-of-applause, these eyes never so crystal clear in all of their re-accustomed time and time life
Knife-edge sentimental, precious to cuddle and behold – the extraordinarily bold and professionally beautiful will win out by the marvelled at end
Heavily dependent upon a concentrated ability to simply just not quit, to caress and comfortably treat you all to something far more grandiose atop suggestively post-modern for its scintillatingly syntaxed worth alone – cut beautifully, pristinely and oh so downright dutifully to the aching-for-more bone, this A4  Writers’ Pad mimics a life of its own
These veteran words just will not stop at battling about the besieged page of wanton war for his quietened jovial approval – he’s a cherry-picker and only the best could ever truly do