We really were earmarking the way to explain these pragmatic things to the decidedly AbStrAcT PeoPlE At the BacK oF The Room To Assume(..) “She’s rarely seen to’ve been thinking even with any-such-sort of box IN MIND. Tries to find

Her (very) own way to —— officiate between her SIZEABLE mind and her upside-down, pUmmEllEd-RiGhT-TiL-WrOnG bRaIn.” We didn’t really wanna officiate these things for ourselves EITHER. It’s just that…

Someone said to take-the-bait and bring it to the top of tenderly. “She’s moving her own might-of-mind and finding them to’ve — “all professed to’ve generally progressed At Having Been Playing It At——-___ Purely Pragmatic Pace anyway.”

They won’t really have the audacity to stand-and-stare inside of their very own TasteLeSs brains. It’s been a solvable -SOMEHOW- shame that we’ve

Brought the house down and jarred our rHapSoDiC personalities inside-OUT ((anyway.)) They pause and say to us… … that “the unhappiest had to’ve been the purely pragmatic people who cannot

But… brutishly beleaguer their own

Outlandishly Outstanding underSTANDINGS, actually.”