People also need to, need to… NEED. TO. KNOW. just how dangerous CHRONIC OCD is to any sufferer, in a mental instance alone. These people are dealing with literally losing their minds owing to a severe and seriously seemingly unfixable imbalance of the brain. I’m scared, I’m petrified. But, above anything else right now, I am worried. Worried for the state of medical understanding and, therefore, medical undertaking regarding this particular mental diagnosis/disorder, whichever. It cannot go on this way for sufferers. It just can not… . As ever, it’s EXACTLY like trying to ignore a fireworks show right in front of your very eyes. A PANORAMIC FIREWORKS SHOW, at that. It’s not, per-se, an elephant in the room for sufferers so much as it’s a goddamn… … bloody… boxing-ring pulsating at the brim with some of the greatest fighters of all time inside of it. You name them: Tyson, Holyfield, Muhammad Ali, Anthony Joshua, Vladimir Klitchko… they’re all of them right there stirring UP a good ol’ mEsS!