What if we walked around with our heads in an almighty bind and broke even with upside down tenacity please? She’s in the week of her dreams and dripping from tip with

Over eager enthusiasm. Her sweat-laced days have been coming and going at full and yOyO pace. Please, though, “be sure to let her see the upside down eRrOrs oF HeR human-mess way.”

They don’t do this for the time it takes, won’t even attempt to strenuously do it for any other reason than to — “belittle that state of UpperCLASS BliSs: a twist in these rich people’s fisticuff TalE$.”

In the meantime she’s been doing it for herself and everybody else… “who doesn’t indeed (seem to) matter the utter MOST, these poised as being readily posed individuals with mindsets SET AT—

Overnight interruption.” We won’t really wanna do a million things inside of our hot-wired minds when, really, all that we’ve needed to’ve been achieving IS:

Lopsided LEVEL-headed-ness. Oh, my: “WHAT A FEATHERWEIGHT MESS… .” When to touch her MANicured toes WAS to make her MICHAEL JACKSON nose BLEED — at the sTrUggLeSomE “seems”