Strange no doubt
But a mesmerising way to spend her day
Sipping deliciously divine coffee in a far off fine cafe
Staring intently at all of these paintings on parade the very thing that made her day
‘Tis what she had always done so nothing new there, really
When it came to imagining what each artist went through – a rare ol’ painting of the countryside, little girl cycling her way on into the pretty foreground
Next, she opts upon playing on a slide
While her blonde curls sway
It makes this peculiar lady think
Is this the artist’s child, or maybe a fair distant memory all of her own
When she got to enjoy a finely aligned summers day
All of this giving the pair peace of mind
One thing’s for sure above all else, when she did this her day wasn’t a pursuit so blind
So, it was only ever her
Her coffee and more often than not a creamed cake on the side
Although the odd time she did take a break
To appreciate the rip-roaring, altogether soothing evening tide right by
Through the window
It was her way of keeping completely calm
Of forgetting the entirety of her worries
Really, there weren’t any
See, she had three incredible children
And owing to her luxurious doll-making venture with time, neither was she short a pretty penny