A sadder than sad story now
About a little girl named Lori
Who loved to write poetry
Her family loved it
But the outside world thought her to be nothing other than the pits
She wrote a poem one time while enjoying a Fanta
Terri’s Chocolate Orange in the sunshine
The writing was fine… grand
‘Til a grotesque man came along
Picked her up and proceeded to do the most unimaginable, unspeakable things with his hands
She dropped the makings of the poem on the way out the back gate
By the time her mother returned from the shop
It was far too late
She picked up the poem
Saw where her daughter had been made to stop
The poor thing
Something was up
So she went around her neighbourhood and asked everyone
If they’d seen her beautiful blond-haired girl, hair in a swirl
Little did her mother know it but her days were numbered
A mile outside the village there lay a shed
Awoken from her slumber
The grotesque grabber fed her only monkey nuts
While stroking her head
“No need to fret, little girl…
I won’t hurt you”
After this he turned to his accomplice, smiled and said
“When she’s finished those chop off her head and throw the body out back with the Jew