A sexy smile
Killer body
And legs that ran for miles and miles
She’s all of the above
And much, much more
But people are never going to excuse the fact that I’m dating a whore
Know what she’s doing when I’m watching the telly?
She’s on top of some middle-aged fat bloke – hairy belly
A lousy job with no such perks
Want desperately to be proud
But it hurts too much
All my mates can do is smirk
Make snide comments like “you don’t have to pay for dinner, you already paid for her”
Small-minded jerks
One night on the beer
A passerby said she looked familiar
He’d seen her before
Needless to say, we buried our shame
Headed for the front door
When my mother and father asks what she does
I won’t know what to say
Maybe that she’s a nun
They can sure as hell go ahead and pray