They haven’t even seemed to be seen to have stopped divulging their greater senses of drinking all too much alcohol anyMORE(… …) whilst their malfunctioning minds fail at finding/F-U-N-D-I-N-G the time- to bring it all back to a plACE, of alcohol free aforementioned indulgence and JUDGEmEnTaL priority. We seem to want to H-A-V-E to feel ((bad?!) for these particular perishing of people of diagnosed genetic atrophy (of heart AND mind) because ——-

Perhaps, how about they DID NOT ACTUALLY: ask for A-N-Y of this. He’s been learning to turn the sleeping-sidecUrB into his nearest AND DEATH-LIST friend-

Even been drinking inside the I-N-N-E-R insides of his homeless mind instead, and st(ILL)

As sullen and worn away as ANY one person can possibly have been able to handle it well

And YET… he will – Time Again – grab himself by the arrested development of his layabout of laurels and evening time try… …

Not to vilify: his MeAnDerInG oF alcoholic-MinD(!) Shy as he may well get to be, HOW(!?) can he NOT actuALLy all-of-HIM

Miraculously Manage At placing his aforeMENTIONED pUlSaTiOn of r—-acing BrAin back together aGAIN;

JUST one piece alongside… anotHER type of P-E-A-C-E, perhaps(?!?) Oh, how we do try.