They’ve wandered and walked and talked about a thousand times too many actually and it does seem to be
This utterly dystopian and tWiStEd thing of verbosely over emotive calculation

When the sun comes down around and we watch them purposely squander another sort of unspeakable element

Of comforting AND CONtrary paralysis of quantifiable mind – we seem to find these people to have been particularly good and gracious at being

Actually.. these highly intelligent people at being

Decidedly false and for a fee.. of “NO ENTRY, plEASE.”

They asked for something emotional and, instead, they got pitted with something utterly aBsTrAcT and ill-aware. They’ve suited themselves down to the ground now, but for

This sound of sleeping silences and other senses of SLEEPLESS inTELLigence

Passionate at being wIlDlY Mild, this dutifully dIsFiGurEd thing:

She appears naturally antagonised by the sight of her developmental eyes