An endless suggestion carries with it this softly sense of laugh out low wherewithal- as all of these people playfully start to have a Heart again, tending to their very own greatest memories and inked in red-ribbons… … …

PlACEd kinda “sketched” heavenly atop of a page to wage their fondest war with warble of word: a b s u r d, actually, what these particular particle of people have been thru’, been

U to the point of almost irredeemable imprisonment

Excruciating In an Instance
And this was never MEANt to happen but it DID, and it will again, and YET… they want to say JUST one MUSTERED AND, THEREFORE, m-a-s-t-e-r-e-dTogether thing –

That all of IT hasn’t been easy: not ONE bit, actuALLy. “And yet.. it has manAGEd to make us the men and women that we SEE today… utterly engrossed with the other person’s IRREVERSIBLE opinion Of Themselves.”

Yes, there are ten of them in tHIS and all of them NURTURED ‘til perched on the verge

He SAW those trio of ABOVE words in a bus, on the side of the road, MATTER-OF-FACT put UPon a footpath’s actual LITERARY brick road.. and it IS in fact THAT thing

So yes… his mind is for free and it DOES mean to feel.. comfortably brand new AND improved/ ImProVisED, even

Oh, but beCAUSE…
We whisper it so well— “of where he has been to? Be rude of him… to ever even THINK the unTHINKABLE again.”

Sail, dear friend… sail

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