The simmering insides of her childlike mind some times – as though the curves of her bewildered and battlehardened body beg, both alcoholically reupholstered and rather riotously refashioned and wrought-iron redesigned .

So, how’s about we start at whispering-both-worshiping something far l-e-s-s advantageously inimitable this particular time

Penny for your thoughts, ‘cept to feel for a (scintillated) sense of the simmering insides .. of her mightily inimical mind . For it does (indeed) scream s-w-e-e-t murmurings of sugar-coated silence ((some times)) !

She appears to have been : the. masterpiece. that. matters.

A troublesome and tyrannical mixture of indefatigable genius… and, perhaps, it ((sometimes)) can abstain and carry forth with it

The universal and all-encompassing inclination for polymath persuasion – a process that breaks her bones (and begs) to breathe —- “to swim as though — the break of every-which-way wave… ..
Were her signature ‘say hello'”