That level of pain can never again be re-visited. I mean, this is something that, having been mentally ingrained in my mind for so very long a time, has to be kept a watchful eye over. And constantly, really. Does my having come out the other side of OCD a couple of times in my life, as well as right at the present time, THANK CHRIST, mean that I suddenly absolutely deserve to be seen and appreciated as one of the greatest modern poets of today? Hardly. That is just merely the ego wishing and speaking at the exact same time. But what it does actually appear to somehow do is to place me in a perfectly precarious situation whereby, owing to some fluke of mentally crafted design, I am strangely able to ‘comfortably’ get to the bottom of my style of word-use time again. It is dead and buried again, and then, brought marvelously back to life once more. I want to create unputdownable poetry, prose. Whichever, really, people (readers) might wish to get to call it one day. That was always the sole aim: Unputdownable prose, please! And that part of me is seemingly left forever intact, and because of that simple and sincerely tangible wish to adhere to what my subconscious mind seems to single-handedly be attempting to achieve, I will continue to wake up time after time with this living, breathing, oft-than-not seething feeling of both poetic circumstance and poetic injustice coursing on through me. A fiercely felt feeling that the next poem-piece which I create will need to become my best yet. There is no way around it for now. Just keep goddamn scribbling! And that is precisely why I want for my next ‘best’ poem to be all about Mark Pollock – a man who surely be to Christ deserves a personal poem penned for himself more than many, if not most, people out there. Heroes don’t always wear capes, people. They wear a wheelchair; are utterly and irredeemably blind-sighted. They’ve been turned and tumbled upside-down by life’s travails. These “unputdownable people” who cannot but strive and survive at the very same time. But, my word, have they had to try!! Do they have to continue to try to the absolute maximum. A rare breed of people of generally epic gratitude for one life, even though they might just appear to have every reason to have thrown in the towel in the first place. They live on an entirely different planet, these people. And that particular planet, in my humbled opinion, deserves to be preserved with words. Or at least an attempt made on some revved-up, unknown writer’s part at challenging them-self to achieve such a thing. Time to let the passion outweigh the pain again.