He holds his cigarette
Man known only as The Smoker
Stands outside his favourite café
Peers through the door
Misses nothing
Little boy dressed in a communion suit
Counting his earnings
The ugly duckling waitress
Snaps at customers who hold back a tip
Handsome man walks in
Holds a pretty woman’s hand
Returns the sentiment
Little boy dressed in a communion suit affords to tip the ugly
Duckling waitress
She so much as smiles
Operation Transformation
From ugly duckling into a swan
Handsome man & pretty woman exit the café
She drops a napkin with her number on
At The Smoker’s feet
Slight manipulation of a manicured eyebrow
Informing him this napkin to be for his eyes only
The Smoker picks it up
Folds it and slips it into his pocket
Handsome man – oblivious
At another pretty woman
Who dashes down the street
Everything & anything that can happen will happen next
The swan slips on coffee spilled by the
Boy dressed in a communion suit
Handsome man slips on the pavement…
Cracks his head
The pretty woman drops her coffee, fumbles…
Cracks a heel
His favourite café
& all because a picture paints a thousand words
As well as all of these peoples’ words painting the perfect picture in this particular man’s instance
Full circle
Off home with him then
Gets to writing
Finally, for real this time