The sparkle inside of her quantifiable mind some-times. This feeling of deepening bliss.. all awhile shyer eyes might rapidly cry: a river of reddening tears (no fear but for the ship they steer)

From the centre of their (addled!) heads, nosebleed territory INDEED… and She prefers to carry (wit)h her her very own story —

Of all guts & ALL of the glory/ amid this matter-of-fACT Analytically detailed interpretation… … of one girl’s comfortable and crookedly suggestive WoRld!!!!!!

These words ARE not enough because her sudDEN interspersed interpretation wILL take humbleness to a brand new level: of unDENIABLE understanding-

A commonplace “commissar” to her very own SeNsE of mastery, Perhaps?
Each seen-to-be “layabout” LaPsE in born-again CoNcEnTrAtIoN… … ultimately BEGins with this inner-working feeling of

— tWiStEd mechanical happenings of “A Monstrous Mind”

“Only, though, some-times!” Because all of the time would be goddamn nauseating

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