Simply prone to be ear-aching buffalo soldiers of our wholesome own
To connect us immediately right by these seriously maniacal, all too sizable seams indeed
Been. Suiting. Ourselves. On. Up. To. Appear. To. Be. Extra-Curricular. Spectacular.
Hatch that fucking plan, string it all back together on a merry-go-round pile-dive extraordinaire, we will somehow, anyhow… hell knows how ply your wickerwork eyes from treacherously tired to spritely open all over again
Touch to press your awe-struck lips Say When, instrumentally settled to place your roaming heart tamed in vocabularific flames individually apart
Acidic eyes prioritised to flicker quite justifiably by, fair flavoursome within amidst an altogether correctified kind of poison
Of rather righteous sorts swarmed to sink to saviourily swim soliloquy akin – watch me soar to pour to bounce to amount to what matters the most
– a toast to the battlefield soul on out there –
How you like them smart apples
To finally stand aside terrifically tantalise your downright Everything – this seismic sting in the hour-glassed tail has been plea-ing to happen for an age-old OCD generation
Drinking in the morning sun