Bread gets irreparably broken and people mix to match the other person’s inflamed personality – these conversational masterpieces mean to be

Quite rightly otherworldly and altogether preconceived, by He

The joker, person-pleaser, all out rambunctiously sent keen-eyed and utterly eager … Meaningful man, who shall pander blessedly amidst this bespoke aside chokehold din

Of forever thankfully sat upright theirs

For he comes bearing just one known fruit-filled gift, namely an out and out authenticated ability to set fire to the whole wide world

Bespoke naturality pressed rather inescapably within, the better, untainted upon, far more serendipitously untouched pieces of him

Because he sees something that no other jovial soul can ever witness themselves to watch, shall fail to partake in – he is, head on pulsated heart again, this constantly suggestive foresight, set beautifully, reawakeningly apart … and at personalised one with himself – simply, inundatedly, akin to like no other

In the wide-eyed world of envy-laden ours