We guessed that they spoke with a curved kinda KicKback enthusiasm TIMES-TWO, as we entered our names in the Guinness Book Of: “who gives a SH!T anyway(!!!)” They’ve been steadying their IllPREPARED shIp and attempting at straining

Bystanders eagle eyed hips. She’s into all sorts of nasty concoctions INCLUDING OF COURSE: “a bite at the best source of UP all night Awareness imagined.” We won’t snigger in-front of their sniggerHaPpY backs any more THAN THEY DO WE… won’t even wanna

Play the game of lay their lousy ghosts to Rest. Regular people seem to have the hardest time shutting there WonKy~eyes for fUn and thinking about another thing TOO, that two tiered THINKING process that just will not LET ‘EM IN(!!)

If they stay and delay their state of inebriation then they may just have been the greatest bunch of hellSENT EeJiTs in One World. We won’t wanna

Send ourselves to another place of idiotic realisations, even when it’s the only thing left for us to have to NEED TO DO: “in this whole wildly maladjusted – TOUGH LUCK, just grin and spare yourself from it – uniVERSE.. .”