Her breath was constantly threatened – these perilous trays of gargantuan cigarettes
Her honest – to – goodness and only real get – out – of – jail
Irony never ever lost upon she
Her time was unimaginable for its sounded – out nature alone
Nope, stranger things have probably failed to happen
Only she can ever truly, heartbreakingly, be notoriously aware – a personality prepped aside monstrously readied with no real place to go
These mid – evening everythings, 1/2 beers to cheer the conversational soul have been left on the driest ice unknown
Stretched to a point of irreparable retrieve
This Is Flagrant preposterous, mind – bogglingly, agonisingly, unjust
Second – place
At Best
When a runner – up medal is akin to giving Mandela another 21 – years for its double – dose of unfairness alone Prone to imaging it all
When standing tall turns out a relative possibility, pain Withstanding