What if, though, only to know: “we went and dragged vagabond desires to that irreparably UnIqUe place of undeniable peace and truthful beauty, and what if we
Stuck our oars in anyway…

and battled aforesaid PEACEFULLY against the rein of grain?” Were these people really indebted to someone else or ALL ALONG: “to their starry minded selves anyway?”

It’s been a diagnosis set UnSeTtLeD atop of yet another
Merciless dIagnoSiS of disintegrating BrAiN and she’s been brought to the centre of UpStaged BewIldEr aNyWaY.

When they’ve become detrimentally determined AS-HELL to mind their own minds ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME and

Utter corrupting __ cHaoS.” She’s === an iDlEwIlD aforesaid dragged vagabond design of derogatory desire that JUST WILL NOT DIE(!!) But why haven’t we even been turned into these

Primarily happy “GO **** yourself!” people but purely both SURELY because
Our nonstop weapons have been… stealing away ALL of the wideAWAKE scene.

He’s into the dream (ANYWAY) and dramatically attempting to make it make MERE-eager Sense of itself Yet AGAIN(.) When Someone (else) stole

Her weapon of choice and poised themselves for UTTERLY juxtaposing themselves insistently both insidiously against the
Whole wide truth right “NOW!!”