Their breathing breaths were bound to make sense of something so very good and gracious and definitely this applicable and highly-strung endeavour —-

Of ours, actually. There’s everything to gain and literally nothing to lose but for the loss of losing this self-belief in bloody brilliant magnificence. They’ve drawn their next aforementioned (best!) breath again and

Typically opted upon typecasting themselves as these actors and actresses of stress-free aforeMENTIONED demeanour.

There’s a road at the end of the night and it’s fucksake forked with magnificent mEandErInGs and dripping in trippy-FaCEd aCiDiC AWARENESS.

… and it’s asking, GODDAMNIT(!), to be explored and adventured againstAgain and again…… Until…

they stop tHeMseLveS from (seriously) smiling and start-to-write themselves IN (aGAIN!!)