Sometimes, just maybe, they dragged themselves back: from acting superior so as to ACT ace-of-Spades like these utterly falsifying card~sharks. When we do not know what they may mean…

Then we get to blast ourselves back into the past and prioritise our childlike eyes. It’s… probably perhaps A WHOLE LOT(…) derogatory, a childish story Of acrimonious bliss actually.

….. When going in UTTER circles OF DISTURBING BLI$$ really CAN have its very own steed, when it CAN::: actually become its very own thing.

We are all of us seemingly troublesomely inVested In Being::: “damn+OUT+LOUD interference-driven ‘CriMinAls’ of purely chaotic persuasion, and they feel

Like as if: no one else wanted to do these things any MORE(?) than nEVER before.” We watch them, though — go toe-to-toe:: NOSES pressing themselves BRAVELY to the gOdFearing OcD grindstone:: ONLY ONE, and it will stILL feel

~ ~ ~ ) As if our lives had been taken away:: “to ageing and endlessly agonised task, we have basked in other people’s happiness, just… that…

Way they see it, they were fine in the first place, the first date of May-Til-The-End-Of-September anyway.” And as for the rest of time, SEVEN of a mOnThLy kind(?)

“Well, we MAY as well let all of those other minutes, hOURS, and masterFULLY meaNderInG weeks
L happily into (a) line…. of sentence someHOW(??)”