They’ve even done it with that shameless sense of being -/ actually these… guys-&-dolls of utterly aBsTrAcTuAl and FAcTual awareness, inDEED: these deeds which they have ceaselessly CreAted are

Above ALL else, really.. Supremely forgiving — and we ARE rather thankful (To them) because.. all that we had-to-do NOW(!) w-a-s to act—-

Hahahahaha=hilarious ACTUALLY and ridiculous FUN-TO-BE with:: to withstand what they HAVE seriously MAN=AGED to have WIThstood is

Flabbergasting and Disgustingly courageous.. AND c-e-r-t-a-i-n-l-y a CERTifiable thing which strengthens((DEEP-DOWN)) their boldfaced heARTstrings

“Maybe they do sing It so well Whenever they Sleep.. because, either way, We Can’t KEEP UP with their WORTH all of that much anymore” – and that is why(?) their eyes are right

And their minds were wonderFULLY crucified. “Whenever their derision became their Greatest Ammunition!”