They understood atrophy and went ahead of themselves and apologised anyway. It’s… a pulverised state of BeWiLdEr and they seem to’ve done it all with their shock absorber minds picture framed FAMOUSLY —

It’s… pure and good and great and bad, actually, that they did not entitle themselves endlessly(.) We feel above the beneath and
Harping on like a pair of prestige-laden individuals.

It’s back to a state of ordinarily succinct which cannot understand its own sense of existence. We don’t even want to bother ourselves any more than before…

As the 50’000 other pulverised people act – suddenly – so very pure and good and great and BAD that they’ve never really been carefree even if

“That’s all that an automatic mind can kNOw of.” When we lost all of everything, “and we stILL sing.” With a dishevelled look scattered aCROSS our remarkably marked faces.

And if there is an arrow at our heart then there’s definitely a sparrow PERCHED
Atop that arrow. Gently driving himself mental as well