Does he really believe that he can bring the whole place to a sudden and suggestive STANDstill?! Can he actually matter of fact mix rhythm and rhyme and take.. the rest of time.. to bring aforementioned to aforementioned/ do not forget to ever MENTION.. what it takes to break ties with the soulless sounds of mixed up description!!

Do not even think to think for ten seconds beyond the second that SITS RIGHT THERE WITH YOU

Do not even let that instance of crackling and aligned SiLeNce doubt itself for a mere eager aforementioned

Second… servings, please: and he WASHES his mouth, his mind, his body RIGHT OUT. Happy to s-l-o-w-l-y amount .. to a distant dream in the absolute making .. aforementioned comfortABLY BREAKING borders with the bones of an old authentic master-craft

DaFt, hardGrAfTiNg mother fucker of unannounced hierarchy, only EVER in a most.. … momentarily QuickStart aforementioned inSTANCE

Of modified bliss. Yes, he HAS WALKED TEN THOUSAND MINE-FIELD MOUNTAINS to be here there Absolutely EvErYwHeRe!!

Yes, it IS in his paused-for-fighting-thoughts STARE